About Me

Hi, I'm Alex Züpke!

My lastname is spelled Zuepke without umlauts and pronounced tsuup-keh, ツーップケ, or Цюпке.
The long form of my firstname is Alexander, but just call me Alex.

My fields of interests are operating systems and synchronization mechanisms, but I'm also interested in predictability aspects of CPU microarchitectures.
I did a PhD thesis on predictable and efficient low-level synchronization mechanisms and OS design patterns for partitioning microkernels.

Since January 2021, I'm a PostDoc at the group of Prof. Marco Caccamo at TUM.

Between 2012 and 2020, I was at the OS research group of Robert Kaiser at HSRM.

From 2003 to 2020, I was working on the PikeOS operating system at SYSGO GmbH.


My publications (as author or co-author):

Professional Activities

PC activity: RTCSA 2024, OSPERT 2024 (chair), RTAS 2024 Brief Presentations, ECRTS Real-Time Pitches (chair), OSPERT 2023 (co-chair), RTAS 2023, RTAS 2022.

Reviewer: Journal of Systems Architecture, Real-Time Systems, Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems.

Contact me via email: blexi <ät> web <pünktchen> de or alex <pünktchen> zuepke <ät> tum <pünktchen> de (btw, "Pünktchen" means "point, dot" in German).
Or on Linkedin

Last updated: 2024-06-12.